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Our fundamental ologies

-ology: a suffix derived from the Greek logos, meaning the 'study of', 'specialty in' or 'art of' a given scientific or medical field.


Healthology, it’s what we love to study every day…


We use our complementary specialisms in medical communications, medical education, marketing and advertising to help you create integrated and synergistic activities which resonate with your audiences, independent of whether they are a health professional, patient, consumer, customer – or, entirely possible – all four!

Don't you deserve to have the support of a team that has a diverse knowledge of the ways audiences interact in your -ology field?

Aceology: Therapeutics

We understand the science and relish translating data into resonating healthcare communications. First-hand experience of working within hospitals married with having supported numerous innovative delivery MOAs and therapy areas, we don’t just regurgitate the science; we understand the data, in context and its value. Partnering you to develop programmes that people want to be the first to hear about and talk about.

We love partnering with clients to find new or evolutionary ways of engaging with audiences.

Our creativity engages with design and implementation. We promise you won’t just get a shopping list of initiatives or concepts, but ideas supported by a sound rationale about how and why something will work.


Praxiology: Human actions

We absolutely believe that you should be working with people who relate to you, who actively listen and with whom you enjoy spending time with.  We pride ourselves on developing strong long-term relationships with our clients that create trust, open dialogues and a little bit of instinctive understanding.

Philology: Interaction

The lines between Comms, Ed, PR and advertising have blurred, often you need to be a 'Master of all' Healthology provides an adaptive chameleon of skills.

We offer the best insights into the strategies, creative directions and delivery options to create dialogues, changes in behaviour and audience numbers or profit.  



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